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Mathe + Spiel Mathematik mal anders

4.2 ( 7792 ratings )
Jogos Ensino Pedagógico Família
Developer: dunvan
0.99 USD

Improve your math skills the fun way!

The Math+ game is a great way to practice addition and passively improve your multiplication skills. You have to add up numbers quickly in order to match the target sum(s).

Strengthens your abilities to calculate simple numbers quickly. After a while you will be able to build the sum just by looking at the given numbers.

Tow game modes:
- Classic mode: play against time and try to get as many points as possible. But beware, the higher the level the quicker you have to add up numbers.
- Power mode: a well-known game play “Falling Numbers”. If the grid is full, you lose. Keep it from filling up completely.

You will have a lot of fun playing Math+.